The role of lawyers in conflict resolution

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In ancient times, every city had a bustling market in which merchants, artisans, and magnates gathered to form alliances and negotiate the terms that would determine their business. Historians give an account of how, even in the trade of ancient Athens there were disputes to be resolved. Today, when the discordant note of conflict comes into play, the lawyers at MCA Law Firm enter the scene, not with a sword, but with knowledge, ready to safeguard the interests of their clients.

The role of a commercial litigation lawyer is to defend, negotiate and create strategies, turning potential business friction into beneficial resolutions for conflicting parties, following the law procedures.

At the forefront of business interests

All growing companies are often caught in the spotlight of more established competitors and may find themselves with complex regulatory rules. Additionally, conflict can always arise in any relationship, which is inevitable. However, having the expert advice of an attorney when initiating any business relationship can increase the chances of a successful resolution.

A little-known facet of a lawyer’s role is foreseeing the legal storms that may lurk on the horizon. Risk mitigation is a crucial service that specialized commercial lawyers provide, identifying potential vulnerabilities in a company’s operations and contracts before they escalate into litigation.

The task of firms such as MCA Law Firm is to protect companies and their owners from the unforeseen repercussions of any legal conflict, the first objective is to avoid litigation altogether. It can be achieved with a mix of experience and legal knowledge that allows for a thorough analysis of commercial contracts and an understanding of the regulatory landscape in which they are signed to determine whether the consequences of the business partnership are beneficial to the client.

Alternative methods and judicial methods

Contrary to what TV series and movies show, most of a specialized commercial lawyer’s work is done outside of court. It includes preventing or preparing for litigation.

One of the skills of lawyers in Panama is the use of alternative dispute resolution methods, such as mediation and arbitration, among other techniques, to preserve business relationships that could be damaged by legal litigation, while saving time and financial resources in a process that ensures confidentiality, flexibility and mutually beneficial solutions for the parties.

A tailored, agile, and intelligent approach is critical for a growing company. Entrepreneurs need quick solutions that will keep the momentum of their business going. With the advice of a lawyer, you can explore and pursue quick and alternative dispute resolution options.

At MCA Law Firm, we incorporate this methodology into our dispute resolution arsenal, working with our clients to identify the most efficient way to safeguard their interests.

In the event that the alternative way is imposible, we apply a rigorous process that unravels the communication threads and the documents trail to uncover the facts and present the best strategy to follow the necessary procedural steps in harmony with the law.

Our vision as advisers

We seek to understand the soul of any business so that it can operate while minimizing legal risks. As your ally, you will have legal advisors and experts who will help you build solid defenses against any commercial, labor, real estate, or public procurement conflict.

We aim to protect your business interests  and manage the legal risks competently so you can focus on innovating and expanding your business.


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