Preparing a plan for sustainable development in Panama

abogados de Infraestructura en Panamá : infrastructure attorneys in Panama

Every morning, as Panama City comes to life, construction cranes dot the horizon, a testament to the rapid urbanization the city is experiencing. Infrastructure attorneys in Panama are part of the multidisciplinary teams of professionals responsible for facilitating this expansion, and ensuring that it complies with environmental laws, and global and national standards for sustainable development.

What is the role of infrastructure lawyers?

Infrastructure specialized lawyers balance each sector´s laws, standards and specialized regulations and their commitment to sustainability standards in the country’s infrastructure developments. Recalling that in September 2015, through Executive Decree No. 393 of 2015, the 2030 Agenda and the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations were adopted as part of the National Strategic Plan.

In this agreement, Panama commits to meeting Goal 11, Sustainable Cities and Communities, to ensure safe and affordable housing for all, access to sustainable transport systems, promotion of inclusive urbanization, protection of cultural and natural heritage, reduction of cities’ environmental impact, provision of access to green spaces, and strengthening regional development planning.

Likewise, Panama must comply with international treaties with other organizations, such as the World Bank, or specific treaties, such as the Paris Agreement, which was ratified by the National Government in 2016 and impacts energy, essential health, forestry, agriculture, and mobility sectors.

Infrastructure attorneys in Panama provide support and advice on applying vital legal frameworks that help ensure infrastructure development projects comply with these treaties and national laws.

Compliance with environmental regulations and sustainability

Panama has enormous biodiversity and strict regulatory standards for its protection. Legal professionals oversee comprehensive environmental impact assessments, obtain the necessary permits for projects, and play a crucial advisory role in helping companies adapt their operations to comply with such environmental restrictions.

Meeting these parameters helps preserve the environment, and increases the project’s credibility, making it attractive to investors who prioritize responsible and sustainable practices.

The long-term impact of sustainable infrastructure

The commitment to sustainable development protects environmental integrity and helps to favorably position the country’s image as a champion in this area within the region. It, in turn, attracts ethical investments and fosters public support for these initiatives.

As we move into the future as a society, the role of infrastructure attorneys in Panama becomes more crucial because they are the guarantors of the union between development and environmental preservation. In addition, sustainable infrastructure projects can better adapt to future environmental changes, which extends their useful life.

Sustainable Practices Facilitator

Infrastructure lawyers perform as strategic advisors, guiding project promoters to incorporate in their designs practices that offer sustainable solutions, such as renewable energy or waste minimization, which allow them to obtain national and international financial support.

Mónica Castillo Arjona – Law Firm, with its team of expert infrastructure attorneys in Panama, offers a combination of legal understanding and a sustainable approach, thanks to a deep knowledge of local, national, and international laws.

Leveraging the expertise of our team can help businessman and entrepreneurs confidently navigate this path, ensuring their projects align with Panama’s development purpose and sustainability commitments.


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